Organised by: Industry+

Supported by:
Nook Asia
Design Anthology
Laflor Living

Made-in is a contemporary design showcase organised by IndustryPlus.

Featuring a single country in each edition, Made-in gathers the works of prominent designers, artists and manufacturers together to represent the culture and craft in their country. Made-in brings an insight to the featured country’s design scene, manufacturing industry, creators attitudes and business approaches to building their brands.

The debut edition, Made-in: Indonesia, spotlights the country’s dynamic design community. Rich in natural resources and traditional craft techniques, Indonesia is a production haven for its designers. Craft that were developed in the past to build products necessary for survival are adapted to produce everyday objects for Indonesia’s contemporary lifestyle.

Made-in: Indonesia was held at the MBS Expo and Convention Centre from 9-12 March 2019 within Nook Asia, a partner of the Singapore Design Week.


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