Organised by: Industry+

Curators: Stefano Casciani, Patrick Chia

Producer: Yoichi Nakamuta

Space Design: Tim Power Architects

Graphic & Web Design: Fifth Column

Photography: The Primary Studio

Original Sound: Invisible Designs Lab

15 talents from Singapore explore the magic in design through the looking glass of a new alchemy: a selection of tools and objects inspired by the alchemical process of transforming substances such as lead into gold.

‘The Alchemists’ is a nod to the Italian movement of the 1970s, Studio Alchimia, whose members’ experimental design pieces resulted in a design language and creativity that challenged the status quo.

‘The Alchemists’ showcase is the result of a lecture and workshop series.

14-19 April 2015, Milan Design Week
La Triennale di Milano

16-31 January 2016, Singapore Art Week
Singapore Art Museum

7-12 March 2017, Singapore Design Week
Singaplural, F1 Pit Building