Organiser, co-curator: Industry+, Design Pier

Media Partners: Design Anthology, The Artling


Panel Discussion

Moderator: Suzy Annetta, Editor-in-chief of Design Anthology

Guest speakers: Takenouchi Webb

Asian design plays a defining role in the richness and cultural diversity in contemporary design as it rediscovers and imposes its own unique traits and origins on the design landscape. In the era of global aesthetics and internationally dictated design trends, retaining the local identity through craftsmanship and by preserving the integrity of traditional forms is essential and remains a powerful, positive influence.

‘Unearth Asia’ presented leading-edge contemporary Asian designers and international brands collaborating with designers from Asia. Through the exhibited pieces, the organisers aim to explore the affiliation of each product to a specific culture, and demonstrate its fundamental impact on the world of international design.


5-8 October, Industry+ Showroom
1KM: Jalan Besar